Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dream to remember: 2

I had another dream last light where I started out in an art school but then was in Japan and buying manga paper and screen tones for Emily. And this Ghetto chick kept bumping in my way and taking all the good stuff rendering me with only a B4 size ream of manuscript paper. But then the store was closing in 15 minutes. But i was still scavenger for more stuff in the "Learning Center" I somehow ended up in a alley market thinking "I just stole a ream of paper in japan wtf" and found an alley shop and though I could purchase the paper there but they didn't sell the same manuscript paper so I left. And a man offered me roast pork on a stick toothpick and I ate it and it gave me neck splinters and I was coughing... Then I woke up after getting more lost.

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