Thursday, July 23, 2009

Final Captain's Log

Stardate 63026

Have have returned to my homebase at 2030 after a battle through a raging storm. I have done alot in the past week and wish that I hadn't wasted my life time.

Day 1: Entered Northern District of Carolina.
Day 2: Entered Southern District of Carolina.
Day 3: Was Promised to venture off but did nothing.
Day 4: Watch Monks enchant a house + Aquatic Adventure
Day 5: Aquatic Adventure
Day 6: Aquatic Adventure + Entered Entered Northern District of Carolina.
Day 7: Road a Ship to the kingdom know as New Jersey To the City of the Atlantic
Day 8: HOME

End of Captain's Log

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Captain's Log

Stardate: 63020.6

I have spent another two days in a oceanic. yesterday i have made an amazing discover which I was told was impossible.

Today we have left the southern carolina district and am currently in the northern territory. On the was we have lost 1 ship and 3 crew members as well as 1 animal compatriot.

I am lucky this resting station has connection to the outside world. Only god knows when I'll find another "hot spot".

My next destination "The City of the Atlantic".

End of Captain's Log

Monday, July 20, 2009

Captain's Log

Stardate... I dont know anymore

For the last 3 days i thought i was locasted in the area known as dakota... it seems that i have been missinformed and im in a place called carolina? of both noth and south.

I have been sleeping on a inflateable resting device only to find it deflating once i wake up. while coving my self with a t-shirt thin blanket.

Day 1 of being caroline consited of false lies created by the crew in hopes of exploreing the local area... instead i was in slumber for 14 hrs while the crew sang folk songs in languages that i dont know about.

Day 2 ... Yesterday consited of observing aquatic life by the local port.

I dont know where this trip will lead me next. I just need to sleep in something more comfortable

End of captain's log

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Captain's log

Stardate 2008.68?

I have taken a 4 hour car ride to the souther area of Dakota. I have passed a mountain dew farm of some sort. The location I am taking refuge is an abandoned condo. There is no Internet or tv. Unforunatly my cellphone has died and I can not locate my charger, I am currlently using an iPod touch. I am currently in a bar around locals usining their Internet to report my logs.

In the next three days I will be residing here as monks arrive to perform a ritual to allow house warming spirits to enter. I hope nothing bad will happen to me.

End of captain's log.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Captain's Log

Star Date July 17 2009

I was promised that I could rest until 1300hr at the apartment i have been taking refuge that was a lie. I am only to be woken up at 900hrs alot earlier than expected to be only tickled the rest of the 4 hrs by my cousin 6yearold son. I await for brians father to return before we depart. It seems that brian has been stuck in this remote area for 2 weeks now only an arby's sonic gym and a dairy queen in the area. I am slighty angry that sarin still get to rest at this time.

I still don't know where I will venture next, I only hope that there will be interent to continue these log.

End of captain's log.

Captain's log

Star Date ... Today

4hrs of sleep and a 14hr car ride...

I don't like this.

I have taken refuge in a small apartment in north Carolina. Luckly there is Internet, I'm. Not sure when the next time I'll get Internet is but I will be shipping out 1300 hrs. I'm not sure where I'll be going next.

End of captain's log

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Captains log'

Star date today

I have been laid off because i was caught taking things for court... because i punched a black man in the...

The economy.

I must now go on my family vacation for a week in a remote place into the wilderness.

...I really really dont want to go.

Save me!

End of Captain's Log