Sunday, March 7, 2010


Its 5:48, I have spent ATLEAST 3 hours looking at pen holder. FYI westerners don't have a wide selection of pen holders. I also learned the word for pen holder is ペン軸(pen shaft). It makes me unhappy every time I'm no a japanese art supply site knowing that I will never be able to obtain these magical Inking Devices. I've been using Zebra G-Pens, Kent Paper, and Pilot Certified ink which I found all of them to be amazing (This isn't me being biast to japanese manga supplies because I hate the Round Nib). Aside from that, the G-Pen is the most amazing pen I have and prolly the only one ill be using for a while.

But i would really like a nicer pen holder.

Also I started eating my vegitables again. GO ME!

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