Friday, March 12, 2010

Fueling my Urges to ink render.

If you haven't noticed yet I love inking. I have nearly forgotten how to uses conte` just because you cant cross hatch with that stuff and plus im pretty light handed so that shit just doesn't show. Luckly in some of my classes I get to ink all I want so I can improve on cloth'd models and nude models.

I got my new Zebra Maru Nibs today $15.00 for a pack of 10. I got the hard kind and the soft kind. So thats $30 worth of nibs and if you add the $15 I spent on the Zebra G that comes to $45 PLUS the $10 ink $55! Then you add then pen holders Tachikawa & Zebra Maru holder $3 each and my random da vinchi holder where I added the lefty finger cushion $7? thats around $65s worth of inking supplies!

Luckly Illustration Club had a Live drawing session to fuel my desire to ink.

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