Friday, January 14, 2011

Haven't posted a post in a while

So I have the coolest brother who needs be left alone because hes and adult now and if you don't leave him alone I won't get to see him ever again.

He also got me this bike!

Ive been riding this every night trying to skid. I've gotten pretty close but i forgot to eat so it too alot out of me because it was both cold and tiring. Now my legs can barely move.

Also Ive been drawing lately for some contest. I've missed the Yenpress one (thanks alot for helping me stay awake and helping me work Emily :3 ) but I realized that it wasn't really a contest so I figured I would finish it and submit it when it looks good and not when i justed inked in all that characters and panels. (trying to be a pro here and not a half ass weaboo). Also the reason I couldn't finish was cuz I did this in a week time span (due to school). I figured if Jump's cartoonist could do pages a week so could I.... But then I realized that they do 19 pages with at least 1 assistant and I'm trying to do 32 pages in a week with no one (except that 1 day but w/e). Currently I'm pretty much done with all 32 pages but I want to add backgrounds and apply perspective because I feel like thats what separates american nerdy mangas and japanese comics. (Same thing with american comics). But I feel quite very unmotivated due to ahfuiedhvah......

ANYHOO now im working on [this] contest now cuz I actually win stuff. As you notice I try not to show what im submitting cuz they're contest and i'd rather the world to see them once the contest is over. (unless you're my friends then i show you shitty cellphone images)

Also I leave for Japan on the 19th with Emily for and amazing japan adventure. I'm going to restock in manga supplies and shes going to buy clothing to make her more of the Harajuku Princess that she is. Hopefully this trip inspires one of us the be more motivated to do work ; ;

Also I've decided that once i get manuscript paper. The number of packs is get is the number of stories I should come up with.

Now that I vented about my life, I'm slightly more motivated to work. But I got things to do in the morning so I'm actually going to sleep now.

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