Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Dreams.

I dreamt that I was in my room and my brother came back from the navy and bought back all these crazy Nibs from japan and kewpie keychains. Also ALOT of shirts from mexico. Then I we had a family dinner and my aunt was yelling at my mom and me about how I wasn't being raised right and then I told her off about how she can't yell at me only my mom can yell at me. Then we played games to settle it. I won the first round but the second game I lost intrest and didnt try and goofed off for the last one. It felt good because everyone was yelling how they new I lost interested and would have won if i cared. Then for some reason I ended up naked in a giant towel jump over buses on all four legs like thoses zombie things in resident evil or house of the dead.

Then I woke up. The only thing I don't get is where there were kewpie dolls in my dream?

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