Friday, March 5, 2010

Ink Ink Ink new favorite ink!

I've inking alot these past 3-4 years and learned so much and started to become very picky about my inks. I have so many bottles of ink in my shelf that I don't know what to do with them. I switched from a India ink to Fountain pen ink just because its alot smoother even tho Winsor & Newton is some mighty fine ink. The last bottle I owned was Liquitex Ink! personally not my favorite of inks. Thats when I switched to Sheaffer ink, it's good but it wont stick to my nibs.

This my be bad because I hate saying if but I've really started to look trough the Pen&Ink book (the one with vash the stampede on it) And all the other manga books I own. They all use Pilot "Drafting/Drawing" Ink which is a Pilot fountain pen ink. As I went to the Kinokuniya I picked up the wrong bottle, I got a bottle of Pilot Certified Ink (For Documents) which I might say is one of the most amazing inks I have ever used (its rated top 3 in the Pen&Ink Book) and cost $9.95. I really don't care about prices for Ink as long as its worth it.

Once this bottle is done I'm going to but Pilot Drawing ink and see how it feels.

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