Monday, July 20, 2009

Captain's Log

Stardate... I dont know anymore

For the last 3 days i thought i was locasted in the area known as dakota... it seems that i have been missinformed and im in a place called carolina? of both noth and south.

I have been sleeping on a inflateable resting device only to find it deflating once i wake up. while coving my self with a t-shirt thin blanket.

Day 1 of being caroline consited of false lies created by the crew in hopes of exploreing the local area... instead i was in slumber for 14 hrs while the crew sang folk songs in languages that i dont know about.

Day 2 ... Yesterday consited of observing aquatic life by the local port.

I dont know where this trip will lead me next. I just need to sleep in something more comfortable

End of captain's log

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